Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Structures and Environment


The research activities contribute to the research areas of the Department “Natural Systems, Environment and Spatial Planning”, “Structures and Infrastructures” and “Materials and Materials Mechanics”. All consistent with the Integrated Strategic Plan of the Politecnico di Milano (Polimi) and aimed at increasing the impact through high quality training and research (national and international), with particular attention to technology transfer and social responsibility. The research activity of the Structures and Environment group deals with all issues related to the interaction between structures and the environment, the mitigation of natural and anthropogenic risks, as well as issues related to sustainability and, more broadly, the protection and promotion of natural resources. In this framework, the fluid-structure-structure interaction must be considered as the key issue governing the design, in the field of civil and environmental engineering, of protection structures, wind towers, offshore structures, wave and tidal energy collection infrastructures, embankments and other civil engineering infrastructures, including for example pipelines and tunnels, both in situations of persistent and accidental design (earthquakes, fires and explosions, etc.). Three main areas of research can be identified in the work of the group as a whole. The Group is engaged in synergistic activities with other groups within the Department and with the other Departments of Polimi. It relies on an extensive and consolidated national and international network, which has led to significant funding in the context of competitive programs. The impact on society is measured through the variety and high quality of the consulting and research activities developed by the group with leading partners in the industrial and public sector.

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