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invisible resources

Interview to Monica Riva

Landscapes risk in Italy

Interview to Laura Longoni

Fires in Italy: a phenomenon that must be supervised

Interview to Patrick Bamonte

This column concerns daily-life topics, such as natural disasters, infrastructures, innovative materials, etc., which are presented by experts (professors and researchers) of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering.
Thanks to their knowledge, they explain these phenomena in short videos, highlighting also the activities carried out by the department in this framework.

Groundwater, invisible resources


Monica Riva deals with the topic of groundwater, main theme of the world water day (22 March 2022). The video will analyze the most common problems related to the aquifers, and how DICA is carrying out research in this field. On March 8th, 2022, during the seminar of the scientific committee titled “UNDERGROUND SPACE: From Resources to Structures and Infrastructures“, we will discuss more on topics such as underground structures and resources.
More Info here.

Landscapes risk in Italy


Laura Longoni, Professor of Geology at the Politecnico di Milano, deals with the issue of landslides in Italy.

The research activities carried out by DICA at the Lecco Campus will then be analyzed in depth, listing which technologies can be adopted to prevent the risk of landslides.

Fires in Italy: a phenomenon that must be supervised


Patrick Bamonte, professor of Structural Engineering at Politecnico di Milano, deals with the current phenomena that is happening more and more frequently in our Country: the fires.

Which are the triggering factors, the most damaged buildings or areas and what kind of behavior should the society have in case of fires, are some of the questions examined in depth by DICA research activities and that are going to be explained in this short video.

Health, safety and life cycle of bridges


Fabio Biondini, Professor of Structural Engineering at Politecnico di Milano, talks about bridges and explains what are the main factors affecting their durability, with an overview on knowledge advances and ongoing activities for safety, maintenance, and management of the infrastructure system..

Here you can find more information about the research project BRIDGE|50.

World Day for the fight against desertification and drought


Maria Cristina Rulli, professor in Hydraulic Structures, Maritime Engineering and Hydrology at Politecnico di Milano, is an expert on the food – water nexus. On the occasion of the WorldDay to combat desertification and drought, she explains the best mitigation solutions for this phenomenon and the research carried out at DICA on this topic.

Seismic Risk: the Emilia earthquake and its consequences


Chiara Smerzini, professor of Structural Engineering at Politecnico di Milano, talks about the topic of Seismic Hazard referring, in particular, to the seismic sequences that, with the main shocks of 20 and 29 may 2012 respectively of magnitude 6.1 and 6, has severely affected the central area of Po Plain, producing serious consequences both for population and for civil structures and economy.

Here you can find a video of the tridimensional nemerical simulation of the earthquake on May 29th 2012.

Earth Observation in the daily life


Daniela Carrion, researcher of Geodesy and Geomatics at Politecnico di Milano, discusses the topic of Earth Observation and its applications, also in citizens’ daily life. In addition, for those interested in the topic covered in the video, we remind you that on April 13, the seminar organized by the Scientific Committee of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering will be held on Webex.

Epidemiological Monitoring and SARS-COV-2


Francesca Malpei, professor of Environmental Engineering at Politecnico di Milano, explains what is the WasteWater – Based Epidemiology connected to SARS-COV-2 and how it can monitor the current pandemic trend.

Covid-19 and Environment


Professor Mario Grosso (Environmental Engineering at Politecnico di Milano) addresses the current issue of the relationship between Covid-19 and the Environment.

Hydrogeological emergency in Italy


Professor Francesco Ballio discusses the recent flooding events of the weekend of Oct. 3 and 4, 2020