Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Why study at DICA? Some brilliant former students and our emeritus professors explain how the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering has been useful for their professional career. We are looking forward to including your stories of success!

Beatrice Cantoni


Beatrice Cantoni, Junior Assistant Professor and Researcher (RTD-A) at DICA, shares her experience with us regarding the AXA Research Fund 2023 fellowship she has been awarded and her selection for the European Talent Academy 2023.
We will then go through her educational journey at Politecnico di Milano, examining the motivations and interests that have driven her to specialize in her research field.


Pier Giorgio Malerba

  Professor Emeritus Pier Giorgio Malerba talks about his experience, first as a student and then as professor, at Politecnico di Milano, highlighting the importance of the heterogeneity of his studies, with an overview of his most relevant work experiences and on the key role that DICA had in his career.  

Luca D’Alessandro, Giovanni Capellari e Stefano Caverni


Luca D’Alessandro, Giovanni Capellari e Stefano Caverni are three former doctoral students at the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (DICA), currently committed to their start-up Phononic Vibes. All passionate about engineering, they decided to found this company in 2018: Luca (CEO & co-founder), Giovanni (Product Manager & co-founder), Stefano (R&D & co-founder) and their team have developed a technology based on periodic architected structures to damp out and absorb the mechanical vibrations and noise. Their experience at DICA has been extremely important, providing them the possibility to increase competences and knowledge that are nowadays the core of the company’s development.

To learn more about Phononic Vibes, visit the website

Fadji Zaouna Maina

Fadji Zaouna Maina is an Earth scientist at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. She is the first Nigerian woman to work for NASA, where she studies the effects of climate change on water resources, focusing on interpretation of satellite data and development of mathematical models. Starting from the University of Fez, in Morocco, she traveled to France, Italy, and California, contributing to key researches on water sustainability. She joined DICA during 2017-2018, contributing to the European Project “We-need” with a focus on groundwater flow and contaminant transport processes. In 2020 she has been included in the Forbes 30 Under 30 list. Her wish is to find solutions to water related problem in her home country. To learn more about Fadji’s career, visit her website