Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering


COVID-19 Instructions for contagion containment

The contagion mitigation plan provides for the dissemination of all the useful information for the prevention and management of contagion risks through web platforms. In this regard, the Polytechnic has prepared the following instructions.


Before the start of the annual lessons and each semester, it is mandatory to fill in the risk assessments of your teaching and research activities through the Risk Assessment Document application on the online services of the Politecnico website. For info email to:

Reference SPP Personnel:

Campus Leonardo:

  • Alessandro Lazzarin
  • Edoardo Mariani
  • Gianluca Crotti
  • Luciano Azzoni
  • Campus Bassini: Ruggero Tardivo
  • Laboratorio Rozzi (Cremona) – To be defined

Local waste contacts and SISTRI Delegates

Pursuant to art. 8 of the Rector’s Decree no. 1386/AG of 4 June 2009, Waste Management Regulations Pursuant to Ministerial Decree 78 of 30 March 2016, SISTRI Campus Leonardo:

  • Alessandro Lazzarin
  • Edoardo Mariani
  • Paola Villani
  • Campus Bassini: Glauco Menin
  • Laboratorio Rozzi-Cremona: Arianna Catenacci

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