Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Hydraulic Engineering


The research activities contribute to the research areas of the Department “Natural Systems, Environment and Spatial Planning”, “Structures and Infrastructures” and “Materials and Materials Mechanics”. All consistent with the Integrated Strategic Plan of the Politecnico di Milano (Polimi) and aimed at increasing the impact through high quality training and research (national and international), with particular attention to technology transfer and social responsibility. The group is composed of a balanced mix of experienced young researchers and young researchers active in the fields of Hydraulics, Environment and Industrial Fluid Mechanics. The main research topics of Hydraulic Engineering can be placed in two major research themes that, however, are constantly evolving and intersect each other. Both areas integrate experimental, theoretical and numerical approaches into fundamental and application-oriented activities. One of the main topics mainly concerns the movement of water and other fluids on the surface and subsoil of the earth, with links to geophysical hazards. This includes traditional engineering applications such as open channel flows and the latest advances in the modelling of particle-fluid flows in water and air. Assessing and mitigating the risk associated with flooding, river bridge failure and pollutant dispersion in groundwater is of great concern. A second important issue is at the forefront of sustainable development practices. Research revolves around new systems, technologies and solutions for the design and optimized management of processes involving fluid flows, with particular attention to energy harvesting, resource conservation and critical working conditions. The main focus is on pipeline flows and underground transport in oil and water tanks, covering a wide range of industrial applications, with links to mechanical and chemical engineering. The Group is involved in synergistic activities with other groups within the Department and with other Departments of Polimi. It relies on an extensive and consolidated national and international network, which has led to significant funding in competitive programs. The impact on the company is measured through the variety and high quality of the consulting and research activities developed by the group with leading partners in the industrial and public sector.


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