Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Quality and Treatment of Ambient Air and Gaseous Effluents

The research of the group deals with the topics of atmospheric pollution and gaseous effluent treatment technologies, namely focusing on air quality analysis and assessment, emission inventory assessment and emission control technologies. In the air quality field, the research activities include: meteorological and air quality data acquisition and processing, fine and ultrafine atmospheric particulate matter sampling, chemical characterization and airborne fine and ultrafine particles, atmospheric dispersion modeling for the assessment of the impact on air quality of emission sources and for its correlation with the effect on human health, development of methodologies for the assessment of large pollution sources on air quality, and finally quantitative human health risk assessment linked to the atmospheric emission of persistent toxic pollutants from industrial sources. In the field of atmospheric emissions, the research focuses on the definition of emission factors, with particular reference to particulate matter (PM10, PM2.5, UFP) from domestic appliances fueled with biomass (logwood and pellet stoves) and on the role of emissions of precursors in the formation of secondary fine particulate. In the field of emission control technologies, research deals with the performance evaluation and assessment analysis of the best available technologies for atmospheric emission control and with the development of technology-based emission reduction scenarios.