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Environmental Engineering Laboratory


The Environmental section has two research laboratories: the Environmental Engineering Laboratory (LIA) and the FabE-lab. The themes developed within the LIA laboratory, present at the University, are those of the quality of the environment, its pollution (chemical, physical and, in part, microbiological) and technological solutions for remediation and purification, which combine effectiveness, efficiency, recovery and sustainability. The activities cover all environmental matrices (water, soil, air) and range from sampling and monitoring (natural water, drinking water and wastewater; air and gaseous emissions; soils and waste) to tests of treatability and evaluation of remediation and resource recovery technologies through both biological and chemical-physical processes. The FabE-lab Laboratory has been present since 2010 on the campus of the Cremona Pole and is specifically dedicated to two sectors strongly linked to the issues of the circular economy, which are anaerobic biochemical processes and the cultivation of microalgae. These processes are analyzed and developed for the production of biofuels, power to gas, recovery of nutrients (soil improvers, fertilizers, biostimulants) and biomaterials (bioplastics) and for nitrogen removal with Anammox processes. The measures and experimental research combine the purification aspects with those of the recovery of resources and reuse of recovered materials, in the civil and productive sectors, with particular attention to agricultural activities, agro-food/FOOD industries and related waste.

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