Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Laurea Magistrale ad Honorem upon professor Emeritus Juan M. Lema Rodicio

On 18th February MUR (Italian Ministry of University and Research) approved the proposal to award Juan M. Lema Rodicio from University of Santiago de Compostela with the Honorary Degree granted by Politecnico di Milano, for reward his important contribution in the field of environmental biotechnology connected to the treatment and recovery of resources from waste.

The proposal was presented by the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering after prof.Lema spent a research period at Politecnico in 2018. Therefore, DICA professors Alberto Taliercio and Francesca Malpei, respectively from Design, Diagnostics and Structural Rehabilitation and Environmental Engineering, will take part at the ceremony, besides the director Alberto Guadagnini.

The conference will be held in English, in streaming at this link.