Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

AMAZING Project: A Successful Workshop in Biskra M’Chouneche for Sustainable Land Management.

The AMAZING project workshop was held from 5 to 9 June in Biskra M’Chouneche a town in Algeria.

AMAZING is a Polisocial project that focuses on the Wadi Abiod valley, one of the driest of the Aurès. The project aims at combining technology and traditional sciences in managing climatic, natural and social challenges, with direct involvement of the local community.

During their visit our researchers performed on-field and participatory activities. Joined by enthusiastic students and members of the University of Biskra they embarked on a tour of the Wadi Abiod Valley, oasis in Biskra and the main attractions nestled within the town of M’Chouneche.

They had the chance to explore the laboratories of the University of Biskra, where they gained insights into the ongoing research endeavors.

The local community’s extraordinary active participation proved to be invaluable as they generously shared their cultural insights and technical expertise, providing the research group with a wealth of information about the study site of the AMAZING project.