Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Hydraulic structures and infrastructures

This research line contributes to the Department key research area STRUCTURES AND INFRASTRUCTURES: Hydraulic Constructions and Hydraulic Engineering. This research area develops activities connected to design and management of single and complex hydraulic structures for water provisioning, drainage and in general water management.

The research activities include:

  • advanced design and modeling of urban hydraulic structures such as water supply systems, urban drainage, urban flood management, including structural, non-structural and green solutions (e.g. green roofs, water retention ponds, etc.); design of river works, dams, retention pools, hydroelectric plants, river works also with biotechnical engineering;
  • field analysis, surveys and laboratory-scale physical models;
  • sustainable urban water management in Smart Cities framework modeling of sewerage impacts on rivers, real time control of urban drainage systems, planning and management of urban water supply, modeling of water quality;
  • safety and resilience of hydraulic structures and their environmental impact on water bodies;
  • field experiments,  simulation of pollutants transport and diffusion dynamics in artificial and natural streams.