Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Design and Maintenance of Transport Infrastructures

This line of research is part of the departmental macro-thematic concerning “STRUCTURES AND INFRASTRUCTURES” and is aimed at defining innovative methods and technologies for the construction, monitoring, management and maintenance of infrastructures characterized by high performance standards in terms of durability and environmental compatibility and sustainability. To this end, at the project level, research is dedicated to the development of innovative interdisciplinary evaluation paths through the use of the method and technique of “Value Management and Analysis” in the context of revision of existing national and European technical regulations. As far as maintenance methodologies are concerned, the research faces this problem both in the airport and on the road. In the airport field, materials and targeted solutions have been studied and developed in order to combine the needs of extraordinary maintenance with those of operational safety of the airport; for this purpose, several solutions have been studied, partly published and partly patented. In the road sector, the research mainly concerns the mapping of breakdowns with shipping methods, the cataloguing of the same and the definition of the most appropriate methods of restoration. In addition, interest is focused on aspects of urban roads, defining priority intervention indicators based not only on the degradation of pavements, but also on elements of the city context.