Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Theories and Methods of Structural Design

Development of theories and methods of analysis, modeling and structural synthesis. Optimization techniques in the design of new works and in the structural rehabilitation of existing works. Boundary and non-linear analysis of framed, two-dimensional and solid structures subject to static, seismic and time-varying loads. Formulation of specialized theories for different classes of concrete, steel and masonry structures (bridges, shells, vaults, ropes, etc.). Evaluation of reliability and structural safety in the presence of uncertainties with probabilistic and fuzzy methods. Analysis of the performance over time of structures exposed to aggressive environments. Degradation over time of concrete and masonry structures subject to cyclic loads or high loads of long duration. Forecasting the structural durability and life cycle of the structure. Probabilistic evaluation of residual life. Assessment of seismic performance of traditional and prefabricated structures exposed to degradation. Reliability, robustness and resilience of structures and infrastructure systems.