Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Petrographic Collection

The Petrographic Collection has mainly educational and popular purposes. Within it you can learn to recognize the main lithotypes and relate them to their technical characteristics. In the Laboratory there are over 2000 samples of minerals, a unique collection of polished rocks (consisting of over 200 pieces) and about 500 samples of rocks from all over Italy and from different parts of the world. In the Laboratory there is also an artificial rock wall on which students can practise geological-structural surveys using instruments such as geologist’s compasses and Barton’s Combs. To complete the geological-technical characterization, students also have at their disposal sclerometers and a Point Load Test. Finally, in the Laboratory there is a hydrogeological model, which simulates in a simplified way the flow in multi-aquifer systems through the use of coloured fluids.

Scientific supervisor: Monica Papini

Laboratory Gallery