Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

MOOC WAT 102 – Water: an essential resource

Following the METID initiative on “Sustainability” theme “WATER”, Prof. Manuela Antonelli coordinated the MOOC (Massive Online Open Course) WAT102 entitled: “Water: an essential resource” with the collaboration of Beatrice Cantoni, Marco Carminati, Eugenio Morello, Carlo Punta, Sabrina Saponaro, Elena Sezenna, Francesco Trovò and Andrea Turolla.

To access the course, simply register on the portal (link) to access the videos, contents, activities and self-assessment tests.

The course is structured over 3 weeks, is delivered online and can be used free of charge:

  • Week 1 – The anthropic water cycle
  • Week 2 – Water treatments
  • Week 3 – Big data and advanced computing

Course materials will remain available to all subscribed users after the end of the current edition, so they can return to the content later.