Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

The collaboration between Politecnico di Milano and PIDE srl creates GreenValve System

At the ACCADUEO Fair in Bologna (Mostra Internazionale Dell’acqua), held from 6th to 8th October, PIDE srl presented its new energy self-sufficient regulation and monitoring system for water networks. Winner of the innovation award in the field of innovative devices, the GVS (Green Valve System®) has aroused great deal of interest from managers. In fact, it is presented as a system capable of accelerating the digitalization and automation of the water distribution system. Moreover, it allows real-time monitoring, regulation and remote control, for networks ready to challenge climate change.

GVS has been developed by the hydraulic engineering research area of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (Politecnico di Milano) in collaboration with PIDE electrade group.

GreenValve System (GVS), patented and developed by PoliMi is a commercial product.