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PhDTalks | Hazard and risk assessment in urban areas based on 3D Phisics-Based ground shaking scenarios

Luglio 4 @ 17:15 - 18:30

Il prossimo appuntamento con la serie di incontri PhDTalks si terrà Martedì 4 Luglio nell’aula Fassò (Edificio 4a), dalle 17:15 alle 18:30 CET.

PhDTalks è una serie di seminari e discussioni tra dottorandi. Gli eventi hanno lo scopo di fornire un luogo dove creare un network tra dottorandi ed entrare in contatto con i molti progetti sviluppati nel nostro dipartimento.

La speaker Jiayue Lin condurrà un seminario dal titolo “Hazard and risk assessment in urban areas based on 3D Phisics-Based ground shaking scenarios. 

Al termine dell’evento sarà disponibile un piccolo rinfresco finanziato dal dipartimento.

Sarà possibile seguire la conferenza anche online al seguente link.


With the growth of global urban population and the concentration of economic activities in cities, the analysis of the impact of devastating earthquakes plays a crucial role in disaster risk reduction in large urban areas. Earthquake ground motion models are a key component in the chain for seismic risk assessment, both within probabilistic and deterministic frameworks, providing estimates of the probability distribution of ground motion intensity measures as a function of explanatory variables, such as magnitude, distance, and site conditions. Standard empirical approaches, i.e. Ground Motion Prediction Equations (GMPEs), are routinely used in engineering practice but suffer from some
intrinsic drawbacks, such as: (i) they are poorly calibrated in the near-source region of strong earthquakes; (ii) they cannot account for complex, site-specific, geological conditions; (iii) they do not provide a detailed and region-specific description of spatial variability of ground motion; (iv) they provide only peak values of ground motion without the full waveforms which may be used in dynamic
analyses of structures.
3D physics-based numerical simulations (PBS) of seismic ground motion, which reflect the physics of the whole seismic wave propagation problem, from the seismic source, through the propagation path, up to the local site response, have emerged as a promising tool, complementary to GMPEs, for predicting earthquake ground motion and its spatial variability during realistic earthquakes. In this
context, the main goal of this PhD thesis is to explore the use of 3D PBS (by the computer code SPEED, http://speed.mox.polimi.it/ ) in seismic risk assessment at urban scale, by coupling an advanced characterization of ground motion and of this spatial variability with state-of-the-art
vulnerability and fragility models, with application to the case study of Thessaloniki in Northern Greece.

Speaker’s bio:

Jiayue Lin is a PhD student at Politecnico di Milano within the H2020-Marie-Curie Project, and she has been working on different aspects related to the incorporation of ground shaking scenarios from physics-based numerical simulations in seismic risk models, with application to the Thessaloniki case study.

Jiayue is simply loving her life with respecting her inner voice, and at this present, she is missing Traditional Chinese Calligraphy very much, which is her habit that she enjoyed when she was in China.


Luglio 4
17:15 - 18:30
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