Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Reverse Analysis, identification and material characterization

Research contributes to the Department key area “MATERIALS ANO MECHANICS OF MATERIALS”, i.e,”Experimental analysis and modelling of materials and structures”. The research group has developed a strong know-how and is still very active in the parameter identification of complex models and in the development of experimental technique for the material characterization at the small and micro­-scale. Parameter and model identification.
Development of algorithms for the identification of constitutive parameters and of structural damage using the Kaiman filters.
Diagnostic analysis of structural components.
Advanced experimental techniques for material characterization.
Development of techniques for the characterization of materials with non-traditional tests.
Use of DIC (Digital Image Correlation) for the characterization of cohesive bonds and for the monitoring of delamination.
Development of non-destructive diagnostic techniques for structural components using nano-indentation testing.
Development of patient-specific models of soft biological organs through geometry, material, and action identification.The group collaborates with the Chemistry Department (Mechanobiology Lab, Polymer Engineering Lab), the Aerospace Department (Aerospace Materials and Technologies group), the Mechanical Engineering Department (Manufacturing Sytems & Quality group), and the Architecture, Building and Construction Engineering Department.