Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Micromechanics and microsystems

The research contributes to the Departmental area “MATERIALS AND MECHANICS OF MATERIALS”.
i.e., “Theoretical, applied and computational mechanics of materials and structures”. The research group has worked intensively and is still very active in the study of mechanical and multiphysics phenomena in microsystems. Mechanical characterization and reliability of microsystems (MEMS and NEMS). Modeling and design of microsystems (MEMS and NEMS). Micro-devices for experimental micro-scale mechanical characterization. Gaseous fluid interaction – micro-scale structure. Analysis of dissipative phenomena (fracture, fatigue, thermo-elasticity) and spontaneous adhesion. Simulation of the effects of accidental impacts. Analysis and design of microsystems and inertial sensors used in many applications, including the diagnosis of composite structures and infrastructure. Accelerometers, gyroscopes, magnetometers, resonators, micro mirrors, micro piezo ultrasonic transducers. The group works in close collaboration with other Departments of Politecnico di Milano (Department of Electronics, Microsensors and Intelligent Microsystems group; Department of Chemistry, Surface Treatment group; Department of Mechanics, Measurement groups, Systems Mechanics, and Materials for Mechanical Applications; Department of Physics, Femtosecond Laser Micromachining group), with important industries of the sector and has many national and international contacts.