Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Composites, advanced, complex materials and metamaterials

Research contributes to the Department key area “MATERIALS AND MECHANICS OF MATERIALS”, i.e. “Innovative materials for infrastructures and structures”. The group works on the study of new materials and on the formulation of models for the description of their complex behavior.
Formulation of constitutive laws for complex material behaviors.
Composites and innovative materials for biomechanical, geo-mechanical and structural applications.
Development of constitutive models for multi-phase damage induced by chemical and physical phenomena, and of visco-plastic models tor the simulation of hot rolling processes. Micro­ mechanics of porous fiber reinforced visco­elastic-plastic composites and brittle polycrystals.
Development of constitutive models for anisotropic biological materials and complex materials, such as liquid crystals, functionally graded materials, biomimetic materials, electro­active materials.
Theoretical study, modelling and experiments on new metamaterials, like auxetic and phononic crystals.
The group works in close collaboration with other Departments of Politecnico di Milano (Department of Mechanical Engineering, Manufacturing Systems & Quality group, Transport Safety Laboratory; Chemistry Department: Surface Treatment and +LAB 30 Printing groups), with important industries and has many national and international contacts.