Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Laboratory of MEMS, Micromechanics and full field Measurements
(M3 LAB)

The main topics covered by the laboratory are the following: for microsystems topics mechanical tests are available according to an on-chip logic typically with capacitive operation performed directly on silicon slices or on “singular” devices placed on a test bench equipped with a microscope (e.g. uniaxial traction, bending, fracture, dynamic tests); mechanical shear tests on microsystems gluing with an ad-hoc machine. As far as field measurements at different scales are concerned, the following are available: digital cameras (including a four-degree freedom motorized system equipped with a wide stroke with micrometric resolution) for the acquisition, also timed, of images with different objectives; digital image correlation codes (DIC) for kinematic measurements on flat surfaces (2D) or in volumes (3D, based on tomographic images). There are also available some micro devices for in situ loading to be interfaced with X-ray microtomograph (X-ray microCT).

Scientific supervisor:

Prof. Roberto FedeleProf. Aldo Ghisi


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