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    Climate change impacts on water resources in the Upper Po basin

    Mercoledì 13 novembre 2013 Aula Beltrami, ore 12:15 Prof. G. Ravazzani

    Climate change impacts on water resources in the Upper Po basin Climate change has significant implications for environment, water resources and human life in
    One of the expected impacts of climate change would be the modification of water availability due to strict interaction between climate system and hydrological cycle. 
    Therefore, accurately predicting the future effects of climate change requires an understanding of how precipitation and evapotranspiration rates will respond to changes in atmospheric forcing.
    The most common approach to assess the hydrologic impacts of global climate change involves climate models to simulate climatic effects of increasing atmospheric concentration of greenhouse
    gases, and hydrological models to simulate hydrological impacts of climate change.
    This seminar presents results of ACQWA project “Assessing Climate impacts on the Quantity and quality of Water” whose goal is to use advanced modelling techniques to quantify the influence of
    climatic change on the major determinants of river discharge at various time and space scales.
    The focus is on the assessment of water resources in the upper Po river basin up to 2050.
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