Claudio di Prisco
Roberto Paolucci
Ali Guney Ozcebe

Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering


  • Dynamic soil-structure interaction
  • Geotechnical seismic site characterization
  • Stratigraphic and topographic site amplification effects
  • Seismic slope stability
  • Liquefaction assessment

Recent projects

  • 2011-2013: “Displacement-based approaches for vulnerability assessment. Line 9: Foundations and Soil-Structure interaction”. Funded by DPC-Reluis (Resp: R. Paolucci; Budget: 90 k€).
  • 2013-2014: “Guidelines for the seismic design of a gas transmission pipeline in Central italy”, funded by SNAM Rete Gas (Resp: R. Paolucci; Budget: 128 k€)

Selected recent publications & products

  • Figini R., R. Paolucci and C. Chatzigogos (2012). A macro-element model for non‐linear soil–shallow foundation–structure interaction under seismic loads: theoretical development and experimental validation on large scale tests. Earthquake Engineering and Structural Dynamics, 41: 475-493.
  • di Prisco C., Pastor M., Pisanò F. (2012) “Shear wave propagation along infinite slopes: A theoretically based numerical study” International journal for numerical and analytical methods in geomechanics, vol. 36, p. 619-642
  • Paolucci R., Figini R., Petrini L. (2013). Introducing dynamic non-linear soilfoundation-structure interaction effects in displacement-based seismic design. Earthquake Spectra, 29: 475–496.
  • F. Pisanò, C. di Prisco, R. Lancellotta (2013). “Soil-foundation modelling in laterally loaded historical towers”, Géotechnique, 64(1), 1-15
  • Pecker A., Paolucci R., Chatzigogos C., Correia A., and R. Figini (2014). The role of non-linear dynamic soil-foundation interaction on the seismic response of structures”. Bulletin of Earthquake Engineering, 12:1157-1176.
  • di Prisco C., Maugeri M. (2014) “Seismic Response of Shallow Footings: A Promising Application for the Macro-element Approach” Geotechnical, Geological and Earthquake Engineering, Volume 28, Pages 195-222