Fabio Biondini
Marco Domaneschi
Aldo Ghisi
Pier Giorgio Malerba
Luca Martinelli
Giorgio Novati
Roberto Paolucci
Federico Perotti
Umberto Perego
Lorenza Petrini
Andrea Titi

Bridges and civil infrastructures


  • Bridges
    • Seismic analysis of r.c., cable-stayed and suspension bridges
    • Seismic monitoring and damage identification
    • Structural control
    • Vulnerability assessment, seismic retrofit and strengthening
    • Displacement-based approaches to seismic design and assessment
    • Non-linear dynamic soil-structure interaction
    • Life-cycle seismic assessment of r.c. bridges
  • Seismic safety assessment of existing dams
  • Seismic response of tunnels and underground structures
  • Seismic resilience of bridges and infrastructure networks

Recent projects

  • 2009-2010 “Numerical simulation of the dynamic response of floating tunnels subjected to seismic actions", funded by MIUR (Resp. F. Perotti, Budget: 50 k€)
  • 2011-2013: “Displacement-based approaches for vulnerability assessment. Line 4: Bridges”. Funded by DPC-Reluis (Resp: L. Petrini; Budget: 90 k€).
  • 2012-2014: ”Esecuzione di verifiche sismiche per tre sbarramenti in muratura in Valtellina”, funded by Studio Griffini  (Resp. U. Perego; Budget: 95 k€)

Selected recent publications & products

  • Di Pilato M., Feriani A., Perotti F. (2008). Numerical models for the dynamic response of submerged floating tunnels under seismic loading, Earthquake Engineering and Structural Dynamics 37: 1203-1222.
  • Domaneschi M., Limongelli M. P., Martinelli L. (2013). Vibration Based Damage Localization Using MEMS on a Suspension Bridge Model, Smart Structures and Systems, 12: 679-694.
  • Domaneschi M., Martinelli L. (2014). Extending the Benchmark Cable-Stayed Bridge for Transverse Response under Seismic Loading, Journal of Bridge Engineering ASCE 19(3), Article n. 4013003.
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  • Biondini, F., Capacci, L., Titi, A., 2015. Seismic resilience of bridges and highway networks. 16th Congress of the Italian Association of Earthquake Engineering (ANIDIS 2015), L’Aquila, Italy, September 13-17, 2015.
  • Corigliano M., L. Scandella L., C.G. Lai,  and R. Paolucci (2011). Seismic analysis of deep tunnels in near fault conditions: a case study in Southern Italy. Bulletin of Earthquake Engineering, 9: 975-995.