Dario Coronelli
Francesco Foti
Elsa Garavaglia
Gabriella Mulas
Lorenza Petrini
Luca Martinelli

Reinforced Concrete Structures


  • Seismic assessment of existing buildings
  • Nonlinear dynamic analysis of RC structures
  • Testing, numerical modelling and seismic design of Flat Slabs and Voided Slabs
  • Response of RC shear walls with high asymmetry under seismic excitation
  • Performance of beam-column finite elements for the seismic analysis of RC walls
  • Effect of modeling uncertainty on performance-based risk assessments

Recent projects

  • 2015: Publication of «Guide for the seismic design of flat slabs», Contract with PERI spa, 5000 Euro (Resp: D. Coronelli and L.Martinelli; Budget: 5k€).
  • 2013: Research Contract, Design of Voided Slabs for Gravity and Seismic Loading, Politecnico-DALIFORM Group srl (Resp. D. Coronelli, F. Foti and L.Martinelli; Budget: 40 k€).
  • 2013: Contract with the Municipality of Terni for preliminary design of restoration interventions, functional and structural retrofit of the theatre “Giuseppe Verdi” (Resp of structural part: E. Garavaglia; Budget: 76 k€).

Selected recent publications & products

  • Coronelli, D., Martinelli, L., Foti., F., 2015. Solai alleggeriti in calcestruzzo armato soggetti ad azioni gravitazionali e sismiche.  Analisi e progetto di piastre alleggerite con l'impiego del sistema uboot-beton. Flaccovio Ed., 239 pp.
  • Coronelli, D., Corti, G., 2014.  Nonlinear static analysis of flat slab floors with a grid model. ACI Structural Journal, 111(2), 343-352.
  • Coronelli D., Martinelli, L., 2015. La progettazione sismica dei sistemi a piastra in cemento armato. Pàtron Editore, Bologna, 152 pp.
  • Garavaglia, E., Molina, C., 2011. Evolution of Damage on Historical Heritage Buildings in Presence of Catastrophic Events and Aggressive Natural Phenomena, Journal of Civil Engineering and Architecture, David Publishing Company, 5(7), 585-595.
  • Coronelli, D., 2010. A grid model for flat slab structures, ACI Structural Journal, 107(6), 645-653.
  • Ceresa, P., Petrini, L., Pinho, R., Sousa, R., 2009. A fibre flexure-shear model for seismic analysis of RC framed structures, Earthquake Engineering and Structural Dynamics, 38(5), 565-586.
  • Martinelli, L., Martinelli, P., Mulas, M.G. Performance of fiber beam-column elements in the seismic analysis of a lightly reinforced shear wall (2013) Engineering Structures, 49, pp. 345-359.
  • Richard, B., Martinelli, P., Chaudat, T., Voldoire, F., Abouri, S., Bonfils, N. SMART 2008: overview, synthesis and lessons learnt from the International Benchmark (2014). Engineering Structures (under review).