Riccardo Barzaghi
Livio Pinto
Barbara Betti
Daniela Carrion

Land survey from Remote Sensing and GPS data


  • Crustal deformation estimation using permanent GNSS stations at regional scale
  • Crustal deformation estimation based on GNSS network at fault scale
  • GNSS time series analysis for strain analysis in seismogenic areas
  • Combined GNSS and seismic data analysis for sesmic hazard assessment

Recent projects

  • 2007-2010. SISMA: Seismic Information System for Monitoring and Alert; ASI  (POLIMI research unit resp.: R. Barzaghi; Budget 430k€)

Selected recent publications & products

  • G.F. Panza, A. Peresan, A. Magrin, F. Vaccari, R. Sabadini, B. Crippa, A. Marotta, R Barzaghi, A. Borghi, L. Cannizzaro, A. Amodio, S. Zoffoli. The SISMA prototype system: integrating Geophysical Modeling and Earth Observation for time-dependent seismic hazard assessment. Natural Hazards, DOI 10.1007/s11069-011-9981-7 , pagg 1-20, (2011).
  • A. Borghi, K. Aoudia, R. Riva, R. Barzaghi. GPS monitoring and earthquake prediction: a success story towards a useful integration. Tectonophysics, 465, 177-189, (2009)