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    Understanding Resilience through International Collaboration for Open Mapping

    Understanding Resilience through International Collaboration for Open Mapping

    Seminar of Prof. Patricia Solis, Arizona State Universiy

    Politecnico di Milano, Building 5, Beltrami Room Thursday 19th July 2018, 10:00 am-12:00 am

    This seminar will explore various approaches to resilience across disciplines and between academic and practitioner sectors. We will reflect on the need for communication, collaboration and innovation to realize humanitarian and development advances, especially in the context of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Whereas practitioners bemoan lack of data as one of the biggest obstacles to progress towards improved resilience, especially in world regions of greatest need, vast amounts of new spatial data are in fact created and shared daily through online open platforms by volunteer, humanitarian or crisis mapping actors around the world. These data may be created ad-hoc or for immediate use in response to urgent crises or extreme events, or for persistent development problems related to public health epidemics, food insecurity, education, or lack of basic infrastructure in impoverished places. In our seminar, we will ask, how can we utilize international collaboration on open spatial data creation to better understand and improve resilience? Attendees will exchange ideas around ways that vulnerable populations are identified, characterized and addressed at various scales. Using examples from YouthMappers, we will consider the current and potential role of combining open geospatial technologies and communication technologies in the context of international collaboration for improving understanding of resilience. YouthMappers is a student-led movement organized as chapter groups on more than 115 university campuses in 35 countries, with the aim to expressly link supply and demand for knowledge by addressing specific needs for geographic information to specific development objectives in targeted countries, where sponsor US Agency for International Development works to end extreme poverty. The seminar will include interactive discussion on these topics, and will feature a hands-on training to remotely create open spatial data related to a current YouthMappers mapping task.

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