Laboratory of Geodetic and Photogrammetric Measurements

Manager: PDr. Mirko Reguzzoni

At the DICA section of Geodesy and Geomatics a laboratory for Geodetic and Photogrammetric Measurements is setup.

The laboratory has available some traditional surveying instrumentations (theodolites, total stations, optical and digital levels, invar rods), some photogrammetric cameras (one Nikon D800 and two Nikon D70 with 20 mm calibrated lens, one mirrorless Nikon 1 with a 10 mm calibrated lens, one ADClite Tetracam with a near IR sensor), some photogrammetric software (Leica LPS, Photomodeler, GCarto, Agisoft Photoscan) and a tens of GPS/GNSS satellite receivers (Trimble, Topcon e Leica), two of them permanently placed. One is located at Cremona (Italy) and it is a vertex of the Lombardy regional network “GPSLombardia” for real-time GPS/GNSS satellite positioning.

The other one is given on a free loan by Regione Calabria and it is remotely used for the deformation monitoring of the Calabrian Arc which is an active area from the geodynamical point of view. A set of GPS/GNSS low-cost receivers (ublox) is also available for static and kinematic positioning.

The laboratory performs activities of land and photogrammetric surveys and geodetic measurements. In particular it has available ten instruments for the measurement of geodynamical deformation with high-precision mobile devices, which can be semi-permanently located on the area under study. Geodynamical active transepts in some Italian seismic zones like Pollino (Calabria), Foligno (Umbria-Marche) and Gemona (Friuli) have been investigated with this instrumentation.

Within the laboratory there is also a set of other surveying devices, which are used for teaching, research and consulting activities:

- 4 L1 GPS,
- 3 GPS/GIS,
- 4 total stations with distance measuring laser,
- 4 high-precision levels with invar rods (3m).

Recently a hexacopter drone has been acquired by the laboratory for photogrammetric remote sensing; either an RGB or a CIR (Color and IR) camera can be mounted on board the drone.

The laboratory established and is still establishing research cooperation with Universities, Public Authorities and Administrations. It provides consultancy and services in the geodetic-surveying-photogrammetric framework. It has continuously carried out activities of designing and testing in the implementation of topographic databases.


Permanent Station GNSS

GPS survey

Total Station Survey