Application of the Ouster OS-1-64 Lidar sensor for Survey and Inspection of Historical Buildings

Prof. Dario Coronelli, Prof. Giuliana Cardani and Dr. Grigor Angjeliu


The research conducted by Professors Coronelli and Cardani and Dr. Angjeliu of the Politecnico di Milano focuses on survey, inspection and automatic geometrical modelling of the structural system of historical buildings, based on point cloud measurements acquired with the Ouster OS-1-64 lidar sensor.

The focus of the research is gothic vaults for their particular geometrical and structural complexity. The team is also focusing on developing geometrical surveys of narrow and complex areas within these historical structures.

As of today, the preliminary phase of the research has been completed. Results include sensor configuration, indoor measurements and the first in-situ measurement in the church of “Santa Maria di Loreto” in Arona, on the shores of Lake Maggiore.

The next phase of the research will include investigation, survey and structural modelling of more complex monuments.